Become a Steering Group Member


The Steering Group (SG) is the governing body of the Democracy Network, with ultimate responsibility for its accountability back to the members.

The SG consists of up to 14 members, elected every other year by the membership using the Single Transferable Vote. The current Steering group was appointed by the Network Coordinator to act on an interim basis until network structures were in place to elect members of the group, going forward.

Members of the SG elect four of their group to act as Officers and undertake more strategic and administrative functions as and when required. Two of the officers will act as co-chairs of the Network.

Role of the Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to provide support, accountability and governance of the Democracy Network.

The core objectives of the Steering Committee are to:

  • Agree action plans for the Democracy Network that will strengthen the overall impact, effectiveness, credibility and influence of the Democracy Network.
  • Take decisions on various action items that require quick turnaround or responses on behalf of the Democracy Network members.
  • Build consensus on core issues, challenges and opportunities facing the Democracy Sector
  • Share information and feedback on activities within the Democracy Sector
  • Champion the Network with wider Democracy Sector
  • Agree criteria for membership of the Democracy Network
  • Demonstrate in its functioning, the principles of the network (transparency, accountability and participation).
  • Review certain aspects of the Democracy Network budget and expenditures related to the core activities of the network
  • Review certain aspects of the Democracy Network core activities,ensuring it is working to agreed objectives and keeping to key principles.

Steering Committee Membership

  • Membership of the Steering Committee is open to any organisation that is a member of the Democracy Network
  • Individuals may be co-opted onto the committee, if they possess certain skills or competencies the committee feel is lacking amongst it’s membership

Size and Composition of the Steering Committee

A maximum of fourteen different organisations and a minimum of ten organisations can serve on the steering committee at one time.

There should be representation of organisations from a cross section of the Democracy Sector ecosystem. We will ensure that 50% of Steering group members re based outside of London and at least one position on the Steering Group is held by an organisation whose primary work is within the following areas:

  • Community power
  • Electoral reform
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Media
  • Civic Participation
  • Political Education
  • Local democracy

We will ensure at least three positions on the Steering Group are held by organisations who primary purpose is working on the following issues:

  • Inclusion, representation and voice (such as BAME, disability, women, young people’s organisations, economic exclusion)

An organisation can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms on the Steering Committee.

Members of the Steering Committee serve in an organisational capacity. Each organisational member on the Steering Committee may be represented by one individual at any given time serving as a “focal point”; notice of any change in representative should be given to the Steering Committee.

Anticipated time commitment

  • Each Steering Committee Member must be able to dedicate roughly 20 hours per year

How do Council members get elected?

There are up to 14 places on the Steering Group, and elections take place every year with 50% seats on the Council up for election each year. Candidates are voted in by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method.

Why get involved?

Steering Group members have a central role to play in providing support, strategic direction and accountability of for the Network

It’s an important job and we need members with the right balance of ideas, skills, and experience. This is a special opportunity, available only to members – to help shape the Network’s overall aims and to inject energy and enthusiasm into the job of building a better democracy in the UK, where power is more equally shared.

What skills and experience do I need?

Steering Group  members are there to represent the many diverse aspects of the democracy sector ecosystem.

As the leading strategic group of a rapidly expanding UK wide network, the SG needs active and engaged members who can offer some or / all of the following

  • Key understanding of the Democracy sector
  • Strategic leadership of an organisation within the democracy sector
  • An in depth knowledge of a certain aspect of democracy / power / voice
  • An in depth understanding of the experiences of those further from power
  • An understanding of networks and network building

Nominations for steering group membership