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There a number of clusters of shared interests in the sector, these clusters become action groups when they become opportunities for pro-active collaboration with a clear goal or issue in mind.

In some cases, clusters of shared interests have already led to collaboration, in others it hasn’t and needs support to gain traction. These clusters become action groups when they become opportunities for pro-active collaboration with a clear goal or issue in mind.

If you would like to get involved in one of four action groups please express your interest below. We are currently focusing on local/regional and devolved government; campaigns coalitions; working with those furthest from power; and collaborations with academics for social change (there will be more as we expand our capacity so don’t forget to check back here!)

If you would like to set up or lead an action group, you can also let us know via email at [email protected]


We are developing a high-level group to support and coordinate a practice of campaign coalitions and collaborations in the democracy sector. The aims of this committee is to 

  1. Share information on each campaign collaboration, helping to align diaries and not to clash with key moments in each others’ work. 
  2. Drive broader support for campaigning efforts by expanding sign-on beyond the individual coalition itself. 
  3. Share what works and what doesn’t in real time. 
  4. Realise practical, collective problem solving on individual collaboration challenges as they arise. 
  5. Draw best practice from other successful campaigns to provide both learning, mentoring and trouble-shooting opportunities

It is designed for organisations who are already running campaign coalitions.

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We identified that there are various organisations working with people who are currently furthest from power, and as such are worst represented by our current democratic system (e.g. people with disabilities, people in the criminal justice system, people of colour or people experiencing poverty). We have hosted the first meeting of organisations that are working in these spaces and are seeking individuals and organisations would be interested in collaborating, sharing best practice and providing mutual support and information.

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There are a number of organisations working in England around issues of devolution and exploring how democracy may be strengthened through current and potential plans to devolve power from Westminster. We have hosted an initial meeting where attendees agreed to collectively map organisations that focus on this issue. Once this area has been more robustly mapped, we plan to host a roundtable discussion, with the express ‘straw man’ aim of collaborating to influence policy and practice at a regional, local and national level.

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There is a growing interest amongst democracy practitioners and academics to collaborate to realise democratic and broader social change. Collaboration promises creativity and innovation in meeting the democratic challenges we face. While many practitioners and academics are motivated to collaborate, they often don’t know how or how to do it well. This action group is for any individual and/or organisation interested in exploring the role of research or creating connections for collaborations for social and democratic change.

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