We recognise that individuals and organisations are ‘part’ of the Network but have their own values and missions, so we have set out a simple set of values that members of the Network can coalesce around.


The Network aims to be


We seek to embed genuine democracy within our work, aiming to ‘practice what we preach’ which means we emphasise

  • Listening: Offer a space where quieter voices can be heard and where we listen to each other.
  • Participation: We seek to encourage critical thinking, deliberation and create opportunities for involvement in all levels of the Network’s work.
  • Transparency: We aim to share how the Network operates, the activities we undertake and the ‘what, how and why’ decisions are made.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, behaviours, performance and decisions and give members the opportunity to hold us to account.
  • Trust: We will actively seek opportunities to build trust between members, acknowledging that effective collaboration is rooted in trusting relationships.


We will speak truth to power, pressing for positive change and holding people to account through being constructive and solution-focused.


We work hard to make our processes as fair and unbiased as possible. We are committed to addressing issues of power and privilege and we work to create a level playing field for those from diverse backgrounds to play a full role in our work.


We focus on what each member brings to the Network, rather than what they take away, we seek to create opportunities for genuine involvement in and ownership of, the Network by our members, offering support where needed.


We respect people’s political and ideological differences and create space for various views to be held safely. We will only take a position on policies when it is related to issues of democracy, power and voice.



We firmly believe that a stronger democracy is best secured when people from across the political spectrum all work hard to to see it improved.

Given this, we actively seek to include people with different opinions, perspectives and backgrounds. This includes having representatives in key governance structures from all four nations of the UK, and all our major political traditions