How To: AI & Democracy Workshop

A workshop for people working across the democracy sector who are curious about how recent advances in AI tools might affect their work.

Recently we’ve seen a breakthrough in powerful new AI technologies, from Stable Diffusion to ChatGPT. These new tools will undoubtedly impact the work of democracy organisations in all sorts of ways, from automatically drafting text, creating and editing images and video, to analysing data and more. This workshop provides an exploratory session that puts these new AI tools to the test!

In this workshop, you’ll hear about the latest AI technologies and how you might use them in your work to strengthen and build a healthier democracy in the UK. You’ll learn about prompt engineering and how to effectively guide the output of AI tools to get the results you want.

These tools are so new that nobody is really an expert, and you don’t need to be able to code to access them – so whether you’re an organiser, an activist, campaigner or researcher, this is for you.

This session is delivered by Hannah O’Rourke, Co-founder of Campaign Lab. Hannah has been working at the intersection of campaigning and technology since 2018.

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