'How to' workshop

How To: Improve Disabled Political Representation & Participation

Drawing on the findings from the Disability Policy Centre's 2021 'Representation' report, this workshop encourages participants to think about how they can ensure they are leading in breaking down barriers for disabled people and those with long term health conditions, both in their organisations, roles, work and projects and in wider society.

Blue graphic with white text that reads: How to: Improving Disabled Political Representation & Participation

This workshop is for people working across the democracy sector who are serious about their role as democratic organisations, working to drive change at all levels of representation and decision making.

The session is delivered by Chloe Schendel-Wilson, Co-founder and Director of Disability Policy Centre.

Disability Policy Centre are dedicated to the development and advancement of policy, ensuring that accessibility is at the heart of UK legislation, working to find practical solutions to change the lives of disabled people for good.

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