Political System Reform: A Messaging Guide

Produced using a participatory cross-movement framing project led by Sortition Foundation involving over a year of workshops, focus groups and surveys, the guide is for campaigners, communications, press and spokespeople or anyone else trying to talk about changing the political system in the UK, in order to bolster democracy and increase public participation in decision making. 

Reforming the political system messaging guide

This post was first published by Sortition Foundation on 1st September 2022.

On the 18th of July The Democracy Network hosted the launch of a messaging guide on Political System Reform. The highlight of the launch was that most people prefer East 17 to Take That! Err, oops, sorry, that was just the icebreaker – the real highlight was the enthusiasm and support garnered to stop talking in inaccessible and uninspiring ways when promoting democratic reform, and to start using language that has been tested to connect with people and increase their support for the changes we want to see.

Please do take a detailed look at the messaging guide and use the principles and suggestions when promoting democratic reform.









The more we all sing from the same hymn sheet and promote the same narratives the more likely we are to win the democratic reforms this country so desperately needs.
Sortition Foundation

Below are 8 key principles from the guide.

Note: this messaging guide is a living document and should evolve as we all gain experience using it – for the latest update please always check out or bookmark this version.