This page is for people and organisations interested in becoming a campaigning member. If you would like to become a community member, please see our Community Membership page.

Why join as a campaigning member?

There is a lot of ground-breaking work being done by organisations working on democracy. But as a sector, we face challenges in relation to resource and impact. 

If you are a campaigning organisation, or organisation that campaigns, you might see the benefits in  working in collaboration with aligned organisations in the sector to achieve greater collective  impact. 

Our campaigning function seeks to provide a platform to coordinate and amplify advocacy for democratic  reform. We are working to support people across the sector working on different issues  to build on the collective knowledge, expertise and insights we share by working in coalition to  make us greater than the sum of our parts. 

We believe this collaborative way of working adds strength to a sector which has high ambitions but is constrained by limited capacity and resources. ‘Opting in’ to ‘campaigning’ membership on the basis set out in this legal document does not require either you or the Democracy Network to register with the Electoral Commission during any regulated period. 

By joining the Democracy Network as a Campaigning Member, you will also receive the same member benefits, news, resources, updates, discounts, training opportunities and network events as our Community Membership.

We can have more impact by working around a common agenda and common set of asks of government
Interviewee Networking for Democracy Report (2020)

How it started

In 2022, members voted to work together on advocacy action to have greater impact and influence. A campaign development working group was established to collectively build and make decisions on our shared campaign. Over a series of workshops, we agreed to work together in a coalition- style dynamic. We also decided to focus on a public-facing approach as a core priority. The 2024 General Election provided a good first opportunity to see what we can do together. 

The 2024 Campaign Coalition

The coalition has been built together with members of our network who have seen the value of joining forces to be more effective in our advocacy for democratic change. We are now working together on the campaign to ‘Put People First’ across three core priorities: cleaning-up politics, shifting power through commitments to devolution, and a demand to ‘include everyone’ in the decision-making that effects our lives. 

We were successful in securing funding for the campaign from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. The campaign now has an established operational model and we would love to welcome new potential partners and members to take part.

If you would like to join as a campaigning member, please complete the short form below.