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This page is for individuals and organisations interested in becoming a Democracy Network Community Member. If you would like to join as a campaigning member, please visit this page instead.

What is a Community Membership of the Democracy Network?

Community Membership of the Democracy Network is our standard membership for organisations and individuals interested in building relationships, exchanging knowledge and exploring collaboration opportunities together with fellow democracy organisations and practitioners.

Membership of the Democracy Network provides you with a go-to place for the latest news, resources, events, funding, jobs, research and reports, opportunities for peer-to-peer networking at our member-only webinars, roundtables and events, sector-wide convening and support and low cost training for you and your team.

With a growing community of over 600 members, over 100 of which are organisations, the Democracy Network puts you right at the heart of the conversations that really matter to democracy, power and voice in the UK.

By joining as a Community Member you will receive educational information and relevant updates from across the democracy sector including events, jobs, training and networking opportunities. 

Please note, this membership option does not require or entail participation in the Democracy Network’s campaigns and does not have any electoral law implications. Most members will join on this basis and are not considered part of the campaigning work unless they explicitly choose to ‘opt-in’ by talking to one of our Advocacy and Policy Leads or by joining as a Campaigning Member/

Community Members, whether they are an organisation or an individual, are required to accept our Membership Agreement. You can view the Membership Agreement here.

You can find out more about the legal basis of Democracy Network membership here.

The sector has some small networks, but is mostly fragmented. There is too much repetition of the same work.
Interviewee Networking for Democracy Report (2020)


Build stronger relationships with other democracy organisations. Foster lifelong friendships and connections. Engage in peer to peer networking at member only webinars, roundtables and events


Generate new opportunities with fellow organisations through our community channels. Co-design and facilitate working groups to discuss collaboration and best practice. Initiate and participate in joint fundraising bids with network members.

Get Informed

Get the latest democracy sector news delivered to your inbox. Be the first to  find out about programmes, campaigns, funding, who’s working on what, what activities are happening and more.

Learn & Improve

Access best practice from across the UK, as well as training and development opportunities for you and your team.

Offer Support

Support efforts to build a stronger democracy through offering expertise, funding advice, leadership training and other useful resources to fellow network members.

But that’s not all, Democracy Network Members also enjoy:

  • Free events
    All of our events are free of charge for members.
  • Discounted events & offers
    Members benefit from a range of discounts, from access to exclusive low cost on-demand external training, to discounted conference tickets from Democracy Network partners.
  • Online Community
    Access to our online community, where members can make connections, ask questions and share inspiration and ideas.
  • Free job ads
    We list your vacancies for free on our website and share them amongst the wider democracy sector
  • Access to the UK Democracy Resource Hub
    Members benefit from access to our comprehensive directory of 900+ UK democracy organisations

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the activities of the network are designed to accommodate the varying needs and capacities of the democracy sector, and importantly, each other.

To join the network as a community member, please complete the short form below.